About Us

Tankar is one of the leading company about breaking the perception that family companies are not long-lives and it has built on respect, dedication, diligence, honesty and unity with the great leader, Hasan Tan, who has more than 50 years business experience.

TANKAR OTOMOTIV PETROL GID.TEKS.HIZ.INS.SAN.VE TIC.LTD.STI.was founded in Bornova in 1997 and 8 other group companies were established around this company and continued to provide services across the country in different fields.
In addition to acting with the awareness of unity, starting our working life in İzmir, the pearl of these fertile lands, which has always been known as the architect of aesthetics and mind throughout its history, has been an important factor in the growth of our company. By adopting the thought of "nothing is easy, but everything you believe is possible" and working with the family members in unity, the number of employee of TANKAR  has been over 1.000. As a result of all this, the awards started to come constantly. 

Our company has been a tax champion for the last three consecutive years in the fuel sector. Also since 2012, in the survey organized by Capital Magazine it has taken its place among the largest 1,000 companies in Turkey and especially in the last year it has become 24th largest company of İzmir and the 432th largest company of Turkey. In addition, since 2012,Tankar also take its place on the top level of Fortune 500 list which is published by Fortune 500 magazine. We are proud to have received the BID (Business Initiative Directions), a worldwide accepted and prestigious document, from the Geneva Congress Center in Switzerland.
Today in the sector;

  • - 19 Gas stations with Bp, Shell, PO, Opet, Total and Kadoil dealerships.
  • - Wholesale fuel sales to private companies and public institutions throughout the country.
  • - Vehicle Recognition System (VRS) Distributorships.
  • - Construction and operation of Westpark outlet, the biggest Outlet Mall of the Aegean.
  • - We are processing our new field of activity, our Concrete Plant, in Beykoz, Istanbul.(Tan Beton).
  • - Magnificent residences built in Karşıyaka, Narlıdere and Balçova,
  • - Authorized Service of World Brand MERCEDES and certified vehicle sales service
  • - Transportation service in concrete transportation with 150 mixers and 40 pumps
  • - Tanker fleet service with 15 vehicles in fuel transportation
  • - To contribute to the country's economy by operating in the fields of dam, pond, stream improvement and canal construction.
  • - To contribute to energy production by operating solar power plants established by our company.

Our chairman, Mehmet Selim TAN, is a member of İTO (İzmir Chamber of Commerce) and İZSİAD (İzmir Industrialists and Businessmen Association) and takes an active role in various social, non-governmental organizations and sports organizations.
Receiving the wise words and message of Hasan Tan who said "I do not accept any economical growth without making Tankar Petrol better in social responsibility area", his sons and doughters serves people with innumerable kindness and favors which can't be put to words. The most important source of pride for all our family members is that more than 1,000 employees work in our group company. Our ultimate goal will be to work and strive with more people to reach the 'level of contemporary civilizations' expressed by the supreme leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. The family members state that prerequisite for working in the company is to be "being friendly and sincere", and that's how they explain their work discipline.