Wholesale Fuel Oil

Our company has fuel, vehicle recognition system and mineral oil dealerships of 15 national and multinational fuel distribution companies in Izmir and Istanbul.

With the dealership and distributorship of leading distribution companies such as BP * PETROL OFİSİ * TOTAL * SHELL * OPET, we provide wholesale fuel supply and vehicle recognition services (VRS) to companies, private enterprises and government institutions throughout the country. We supply fuel to our customers with our trained staff and 15 trucks and tankers. Thanks to our expert staff and the storage powers of the companies we represent, we deliver your needs in a timely and reliable manner by using the vehicle tracking system.

Our service quality has been registered as our loyal customers are increasing day by day. Our company is aware that the success in the fuel sector is about quality service, timely delivery and customer satisfaction, and always aims to deliver the products you need with the best service and uninterrupted energy source.

MepMobil Service

Stationary tank-pump systems

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• Easy setup
• Safe operation
• Fast and economical fuel supply
• Possibility to move to the desired point
• Easy to use
• Compatibility with automation systems
• Stock consumption control and reporting service

Portable Tank-Pump Systems

With its easy transportation, fast installation and safe operation network, the portable tank-pump system installed in your workplace provides fuel supply to your construction site. Within the framework of Health-Safety-Environment and Quality rules, a standard load container size tank and pump system is securely mounted on your job site. System components are protected from leakage and fire hazards with maximum security since they have the feature of exproof and pool tanks. It is not used without your permission thanks to its locked doors. After the installation, the fuel supply is delivered effortlessly and as quickly as possible with our vehicle fleet.

In addition, if desired, it is made compatible with automation systems and the consumption and stocks can be controlled.